Network Switch converted into a high performance PC

Concept Render:


Test fitting


Audio tower was to tall and was pushing the board away from the back more than I wanted so I removed it.


Got the Flex ATX Psu and mounted it to see what I thought.


Got the 1U heatsink from Dynatron.

Fits perfectly, beyond my wildest dreams (we wont go there..) Did a bootup of the system to see how the heatsink performed. Idle temps around 32C



Mounted the feet on the case and cut the hole for the intake air on the blower.


Made some lexan parts.


Took me forever to find sata cables that could do this, only had to modify the top one a tiny bit to get it seated.

Installed the hard drives and cables. Made a custom sata power cable and soldered it to the psu directly.


Network card showed up, high performance intel!!

Trying to figure out how the hell to make this all work.

Solution found from a company in ca that makes flexible pci-e brackets and stuff.

Fits perfectly.

Took the switch pcb and cut off the front network ports, soldered on the wires for the usb and uplink and went to town.

USB all connected and nic plugged in. Uplink port on the switch connects to the gigabit adapter.

Made my custom dongles to go from the rj45 port back to usb.

Internals all completed.

Lid back on.

You would never know... :)